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They’ll Forget the Food, But They’ll Never Forget the Fun!

Oh So Good Band! is a local live party and wedding reception band sought after by clients throughout Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, TX for consistently delivering one-of-a-kind musical performances at any special event. Led by vocalist and guitarist Dubby Hankins, our live band is strongly committed to providing pure entertainment and treating the crowd to memorable experiences through exceptional live music. Read on to learn more about us!

About Oh So Good Band!

Dubby Hankins formed Oh So Good Band! in 1995, using his experience in performing and in the entertainment business to drive our live band forward. Over the years, Dubby has crossed musical paths with Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf, Christopher Cross, and Elvis Presley.

As the lead vocalist of what the public calls the “coolest variety dance band on the planet,” he combines the musical talents of our band members with outstanding results. Our live band’s veteran performers have performed at hundreds of wedding receptions and private parties over the years. As a group, they fill the dance floors with guests at events across Texas.

The Music Geniuses of Oh So Good Band!